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Dentists in Fort Lee, NJ

Are you unhappy about your smile? Would you like to enhance your appearance through cosmetic dentistry?

If you've been frustrated looking for a reasonably good cosmetic dentist in Fort Lee, NJ, then you are in luck. Edgewater-headquartered Prosmiles doesn't have just one, but two, and are not just reasonably good, but topnotch Fort Lee dentists.

Prosmiles specializes in cosmetic dentistry. It has offices in Edgewater and Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. It also serves the dental needs of locals and residents in the surrounding areas of those office locations, including Fort Lee. In Fort Lee, dentist services are in high demand, because more and more people are realizing the importance of a smile in enhancing a person's physical appearance.

Each Prosmiles dentist (Fort Lee, NJ) believes that you don't have to have naturally perfect teeth or be born with them, as it were. They can fix your smile to your specifications and desires. Even if you were born with perfect teeth, the natural human aging process will inevitably affect the aesthetic appearance and even the functionality of your teeth in an adverse way over time. Hence, going to a dentist in Fort Lee, NJ is a necessity for Fort Lee locals and residents.

The two Fort Lee dentists professionally based in Prosmiles are Dr. Lena Andriescu and Dr. Mircea Andriescu. Each will work on giving you that dazzling smile that you thought can only be had by movie stars.

As specialist cosmetic dentist (Fort Lee area), Dr. Lena has professional certification in both Sedation Dentistry and Invisalign treatment. For dentist (Fort Lee, NJ) Dr. Lena, it is important for patients to trust their dentist. She builds and maintains their trust not only by demonstrating her skills but through her personal touch.

For Fort Lee dentist, Dr. Mircea's part is also certified in Invisalign treatment,  and just like Dr. Lena he is warm, caring and gentle, emphasizing personal touch on top of professional proficiency. Each Prosmiles dentist makes a perfect smile attainable for you even if you're not a movie star.

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